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Rubber Rituals is a philosophical challenge for the awakening of the consciousness.

A form of opposition against the massacre of the body, against the established order, against the conventional perception.

We transcend our sedentary selves, our social identities.

Destroying all forms of oppression and all models of normality.

This project collaboration is manifested as a post industrial ritual live act that was first introduced and performed in August of 2018 for a showcase ceremony of Liber Null Berlin.

Through this ecstatic venture, Nullam Rem Natam and Common Poetry share their mutual visions, aesthetics, sounds and poetry in search of catharsis and utopia.

Nullam Rem Natam & Common Poetry present:

Rubber Rituals - The Massacre Of The Body.

"Spoiled pleasures, sacrifice, resignation, institutionalized masochism, and death. This antiquated world, which stinks everywhere of dead flesh, horrifies us and convinces us of the necessity of carrying the revolutionary struggle against oppression into that territory where the oppression is most deeply rooted:

the living body."

[Text and lyrics are inspired and taken from the book 'Chaosophy' of Felix Guattari.]


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