[Official video]
_ Produced by Rubber Mind in 2019.
_ Written and directed by Sebastian M.S & Lina Amaya
_ Performance action by Gabriezzo
_ Camera: Paula Molina
_ Edition and color by Sebastián
_ Music recorded by Georige Anyfantis as ANFS in Athens
We’re pleased to present you the first short movie and video performance produced by Rubber Mind
Inspired by a personal experience with the Bufo Alvarius Poison, a vision of the originally naked and honest body, which transits between light and darkness. A symbolic action that means more than what is seen or heard. 

The compilation brings together six narrative and emotional compositions that sonically defines Rubber Mind.

Abstract music and heavy electronics, industrial soundscapes intertwined with ritualistic hypnotic sequences that transcend corporality and lead to a cathartic trance experience.

Composed in Copenhagen, Athens, Bogotá, Berlin and Medellín between 2019-2020.

by Vanity Productions, ANFS, Common Poetry, Unhuman, Morah, and Black Propaganda 

Rubber Mind Recordings.

Bogotá, Colombia