Common Poetry are a duo from Bogota and founding members of Rubber Mind.

The project explores the poetics of the primitive, the failure of humanity, sexuality,

magic rituals, ancestral traditions, submission and power.

Their sessions are characterized by combining heavy electronics with noise

in transit between Electronic Body Music, techno, experimental, ritual and industrial

Resident artists and curators of the established experimental platform Rubber Mind, they focus on events, music, performances and original trans-media content, while representing artists and showcases like:

Posh Isolation Showcase, An-i, December, Unhuman and Adam X among others.


Their debut tape release was published by the Italian label Infidel Bodies under the title

'Poetic Violence / العنف الشعري'.

It is a split album co-produced with Moroccan artist Arabian Violence and the artwork was created by greek artists Nullam Rem Natam.


Common Poetry appeared for first time in Europe in 2018 where they hosted radio shows in Amsterdam and Rotterdam. Their Berlin debut was marked with 'Rubber Rituals', a live project in collaboration with Nullam Rem Natam that was performed live during a Liber Null Showcase.

The same year they presented their live act 'The perversions of the soul' alongside a dj set in Mexico City.

In 2019 they were invited to present the project for first time in Santiago in Chile by Enter D’ Noise.  At the moment Common Poetry are working on their next Album release and they are planning their upcoming performances in Europe from September to Novemeber.


2019 TOUR



- September 7: Lima, Peru


- September 12: Red Light Radio, Amsterdam

- September 14: NRG, Eindhoven

- September 21: Kassel, Germany - Rubber Rituals

- October 4: Protocol, Paris


October 19: Volnost, Seoul


- October 24: Liber Null - SÄULE Berlin - Rubber Rituals

- November 2: Operator radio, Rotterdam



Last presentations:

July 27 - Dj set in CALI

July 19 - Rubber Mind w/ December

- June 7 - Dj set w/ Sarin - Bogotá

- Live performance feat Medical Treatments / Bogotá 

- Dj set . Enter D' Noise / Santiago, Chile
- Dj set . Rubber Mind - No Identity w/Unhuman 

- Live act + Djset . Colapso / Mexico City

- Live act . Posh Isolation Night - Bogotá

- Djset . Radikal Styles Festival - Bogotá

- Radioshow . Red Light Radio - Ámsterdam

- Live act en Griessmuehle feat Nullam Rem Natam presents: Rubber Rituals @Liber Null - Berlín

- Radioshow . Operator Radio - Rotterdam 

- Live act . REXISTENCIA - Bogotá

- Dj set . Rubber Mind: AN-I - Bogotá

- Dj set . ADAM X - Bogotá





"Almost fifty years later, the problem of the body, as an object of the political, has deserved a conceptual approach ... The spatial timelessness of Rubber Mind was a territory of interdisciplinary dialogue between sound art and anatomical science.


These heterogeneous fields of action glimpsed together a line of flight to manifest the body no longer as a strict ordering of organs, but as a set of relationships that activate multiple intensities. Theories as, the body without organs of Artaud, Deleuze and Guattari was transformed into matter by Medical Treatments and turned into chaotic vibration by Common Poetry"


"Casi cincuenta años después, el problema del cuerpo, en tanto objeto de lo político, ha merecido toda una aproximación conceptual... La atemporalidad espacial de Rubber Mind fue territorio de diálogo interdisciplinar entre el arte sonoro y la ciencia anatómica.

Estos campos de acción heterogéneos vislumbraron juntos una línea de fuga para manifestar el cuerpo ya no como una ordenación estricta de los órganos, sino como un conjunto de relaciones que activan múltiples intensidades. Así, el cuerpo sin órganos de Artaud, Deleuze y Guattari fue transformado en materia por Medical Treatments y convertido en vibración caótica por Common Poetry."


- Worlds by / Palabras por


Violencia Poética / العنف الشعري

The split album cassette by Common Poetry and Arabian Violence comes out with 4 original tracks for side. 

A striking collection of industrial tracks bound by a strong underlying concept, a sense of noisy oppression with that convey restlessness and confusion.

"Violencia Poetica / العنف الشعري" is mostly focused on noisy intense spaces and heavy industrial rhythm; unsurprisingly, all tracks has a live jam feel to it. 

Post-Industrial and noise elements melted together with a sludgy, distorted, experimental imprint.

[Cassette / Digital] 
Special Edition Cassette limited to 70 copies

Nullam Rem Natam & Common Poetry present:

Rubber Rituals - The Massacre Of The Body.

Rubber Rituals is a philosophical challenge for the awakening of the consciousness. A form of opposition against the massacre of the body, against the established order, against the conventional perception. We transcend our sedentary selves, our social identities. Destroying all forms of oppression and all models of normality. 

This project collaboration is manifested as a post industrial ritual live act that was first introduced and performed live in August of 2018 for a showcase ceremony of Liber Null Berlin.

[Text and lyrics are inspired and taken from the book ‘Chaosophy’ of Felix Guattari.]

Berlin, 2018.


New Brutalism No.175 -  Common Poetry

"New Brvtalism No. 175 is a powerful entry which traverses industrial, body music, ritual and beyond for an immense mix that must be experienced. We were instantly drawn to the duo’s ethos and energy and look forward to seeing them back in Europe later this year." 

 - JRS

February, 2019.

Abaddon #66 - Common Poetry

Poland, June 2019


Lithuania, August 2019"

Common Poetry - selected by Mark . OPERATOR Radio

"Bogota based Common Poetry was absolutely one of the highlights from August for me. A nice mix of full heavy experimental electronics with a blend of EBM. Really curious about what they're going to put out in the near future. Definitely a duo to keep in mind."

August, 2018.

Common Poetry at 'El Pueblo Escultor'